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Welcome to the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association open web page.

We are pleased that you have stopped by to learn about our association. The Smith & Wesson Collectors Association is the oldest specialized collectors association in the United States. It was founded in 1964 by six Smith & Wesson collectors while attending a gun show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This group of collectors met each year at different gun shows around the country. To keep in contact with fellow collectors, I began publishing a newsletter called "Notes From The Desk of Roy Jinks" that contained new information from other collectors or my continued research at the Smith & Wesson factory. As more people become interested, it became necessary to organize this collector group. At the 1970 Las Vegas Gun Show a group of Smith & Wesson Collectors announced that they would organize as the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association, and they elected it first slate of officers.

The Collectors Association is dedicated to the collecting of all Smith & Wesson products from the antique firearms to the most modern arms currently produced by the company. The association's main purpose is the preservation of Smith & Wesson's history. The S&WCA is currently working with the Connecticut Valley History Museum, which houses the Smith & Wesson Company Collection and the Smith & Wesson archives. The association has donated more than $100,000 for the care and preservation of this collection. We will continue to make this one of the association's primary objectives.

Members of the association receive the association-published journal that contains stories on both antique and modern Smith & Wesson firearms. The Association hosts an annual meeting, which is held in various parts of the United States to allow all members an equal chance to attend. As a member, you can join the Private Area of the public Smith & Wesson Forum. Members of the Private Area discuss many topics relevant to the history of Smith & Wesson and its products.

We invite all individuals who have a serious interest in Smith & Wesson to join our association. Please click on 'how to become a member'.

Roy G. Jinks

Chairman, Smith & Wesson Collectors Association
Smith & Wesson Historian

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